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"Oh, Doctor!" a really good Jerry Coleman tribute song

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Until today when Gaslamp Baller EB Parker asked about a Jerry Coleman tribute song that another fan had shared with him, I didn't know it existed for the past 9 months.

I'm hoping my fellow GLBers can help me out. I was wearing my Coleman jersey to a game last year when somebody approached me and had me listen to a Jerry Coleman tribute song. I believe the name of the song is "Oh Doctor", but it possibly could have another title. Since then, I've tried to find it on YouTube, iTunes, etc. with no luck. Does any body know the artist name and how I could find the song? Thank you. BBTB.

Jodes0405 fortunately found it for her on SoundCloud.

I like it much better than Tim Flannery's tribute which is a little too melancholy, soppy and sentimental for my taste.  This track is much more upbeat and the way I choose to remember our beloved Colonel.  Well done, Main Flow and company.


(Lou Evans)
Ohhhh. Yeah yeah.

(Jerry Coleman)
Oh Doctor! You can hang a star on that baby!

(Justin Werner)
Well I'm sure you know,
that we lost our star,
one of the greatest men,
to step foot in Petco Park,
Jerry Coleman!
We're gonna celebrate your life.
You brought so much joy to so many people,
well let's carry that on...
What do you say?

Oh Doctor! Oh Doctor!
You can hang a star on that!
Make a statue in your honor,
Oh Doctor! Oh Doctor!
Of all the heroes come and gone,
once again we've lost on, we've lost one.

(Main Flow)
All praise be,
he played see,
the greatest of all time, maybe,
gold wings in the Navy,
hang a star on that baby.
Second base turned manager,
one you could never call lazy.
Forty years of announcing,
the way he did it was crazy.
Hard for us to just let go,
all the moments that echo,
a part of of Padres history
like Tony Gwynn and Petco.
From the stands where they spill beer,
screaming loud with them real cheers,
seems like just yesterday,
through memories your still here.
Oh Doctor... Oh Doctor

chorus x2 - w/ sing along interlude.
(Lou Evans & Justin Werner)

(Rocky Powell - Sax Solo)

(Main Flow - Farewell Spech)
1949 American League Rookie of the Year,
four World Series rings,
a true all star, on and off the field,
forty one years as the heart and soul of this community,
Jerry Coleman, we're going to miss you...


Main Flow - Vocals||Lyrics
Justin Werner - Vocals||Guitar||Lyrics||Composer
Lou Evans - Vocals
Rocky Powell - Saxophone
Paul Ruiz - Trumpet
Ross Hendler - Bass
Ryan Sayour - Drum
Trent Hancock - Vocals
Jamie Shadowlight - Violin
Mark Boyce - Organ
Chad Farran - Flute||Vocals
Martin Stamper - Acoustic Guitar||Vocals

Joshua "Solicit" Jackson - Mastering||Sound Engineer
Ross Hendler - Mastering||Sound Engineer