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Shields deal not imminent, Padres haven't talked to his agent ALL DAY!

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

I thought for sure we were going to hear news today that the Padres had signed James Shields.  I asked the Gaslamp Ball staff to prepare for a blogasm and it didn't happen.  We'd heard on Tuesday that Shields would make a decision by the end of the week but time is running out for that.  Still, every Twitter rumor and news article has the Padres as the favorites and frankly no other team seems remotely close.

Then we hear from Dennis Lin of the UT tonight that the Padres haven't even talked to Shields' agent today because they were so busy doing a beach clean-up as part of their new volunteer program.  Ok, that last part probably has nothing to do with it, but still...

Sources: Nothing imminent on Padres and free agent James Shields |

As rumors continue to engulf the Padres and free-agent right-hander James Shields, the two sides, as of late Friday, did not seem close to reaching an agreement. The Padres had not spoken with Shields' agent, Page Odle, in more than 24 hours, sources told the U-T.

I'm just hoping they were texting or snap chatting, if they weren't talking on the phone.

There was a rumor earlier in the day from some random dude on Twitter that said the deal was done, but that's being denied by the Padres.

One rumor said Padres employees had been notified to prepare for a Shields announcement, but a club source strongly denied that claim. Still, with catchers and pitchers reporting in less than two weeks, things could change quickly.

Random dude later backed away slowly from his rumor.

Yesterday Padres Chairman Ron Fowler said that the Padres payroll could be north of $100 million at the start of the season.  As it stands now it it's around $90.1 million.

Padres' Opening Day payroll to be higher in 2015 |

In an email to the U-T, Padres executive chairman Ron Fowler confirmed a general payroll range for 2015: It will open above last season's figure and could top out at a little more than $100 million. Fowler added an important disclaimer: "However, with A.J. in the GM seat, things could change quickly. He continues to look at options to strengthen the team."

As Lin notes in the article a deal for Shields could be structured in a way that it'd hit the total that Fowler hinted at.

For now, let's everyone remain on high alert until Sunday and then if we hear nothing slowly we'll slip into a quiet despair.