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Padres rumors concerning Cole Hamels, James Shields and Andrew Cashner

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Don't get me wrong, I like Andrew Cashner plenty, but I want A.J. Preller to really put his stamp on every part of this team.  If he wants Cole Hamels over Cashner, then so be it.  He'll get no criticism from me, unless it blows up down the road.

How great would it be if Preller pulls off back-to-back trades again and gets both Hamels and James Shields in the same week?  I'd be all about that.  It's hard for me to get too attached to these studs on the farm, so if he must trade them for the Padres to be competitive this year, then I'm in!  All the way in.

Shields is supposed to sign a deal at the end of the week, which means the clock is ticking on Preller to make the Hamels deal at the same time.

Consider these rumors blogged!