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Here's Sarah Silverman in a Padres uniform

Since today is Fred Lynn's sixty-third birthday I was going to write a post about him, so I started off by searching for a photo of him with the Padres to use. There were a few, but it was a photo showing him in a Red Sox jersey that really grabbed my attention. That's because of who was in the picture with him.

Yes! Sarah Silverman is way cooler to me than Fred Lynn is (sorry, fifty-year-old Bostonians), and this is a righteous addition to the collection of celebrities wearing Padres gear.

This photo was taken by Jonathan Daniel/ Getty Images. The description provided dates it to the 2003 All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game, which was held at U.S. Cellular Field on the south side of Chicago.

Well, that's definitely not what I set out for, but it makes me glad I went to the bother of starting to do a post about Fred Lynn. And, hey, I still might get around to that.