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James Shields AKA The Old School Soul is your new favorite Padre

SportsCenter interviewed a bunch of Padres at Spring Training. I'm guessing this was their way of catching up with the fact that the Padres are a team that plays in a professional sport that they cover. One of those Padres was James Shields. Here are the things he said:

James Shields doesn't just want to hang out at home. James Shields wants to win.

James Shields owns a home in San Diego and grew up in Los Angeles, which is a city north of San Diego. When the Padres came calling, the thought of sleeping in his own bed for half of the season was appealing, but his main focus was about winning. And winning was why he came to the Padres.

James Shields watches the news and probably is not a cord cutter

When asked if he was paying attention to what AJ Preller was doing, Shields says that he was definitely watching every week. Speaking as a cordcutter, I know it can be hard to keep up with the news weekly, so my assumption is that he still pays for cable or Dish or something.

James Shields doesn't know how NOT to go to the World Series

Both teams he's played for have been to the world series. Tampa Bay in 2008 and Kansas City last season. As far as he can tell, this is something that teams just do. It's a good thing we have him on a longer term contract just in case.

James Shields doesn't think he should be the only one to work a lot

According to Shields, all 5 of the starters will have 200 innings by the end of the season. Going to work every day and completing a full day is what he refers to as Old School Soul.

James Shields wants a ring and expects to win a ring and expects us to have expectations regarding ringing him after or before he wins the ring he expects he wants us to win

James Shields hasn't been able to win the World Series. He wants that ring. When asked how he feels about the expectations that have been placed on this team, James Shields says that James Shields wants those expectations. He wants a World Series ring and he wants expectations.