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AJ Preller assures MLB Tonight's Sam Ryan that he gets "more than" three hours of sleep per night

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since AJ Preller came to San Diego, he's had a reputation of being something of an insomniac.

Sam Ryan of MLB Network recently sat down to interview our "rock star GM" for MLB Tonight. Preller talked about his busy and dynamic Winter and the upcoming 2015 season... and his lack of sleep.

I've never been a big sleeper honestly. I think definitely in the last few months it's been easy not to get a lot of sleep. For most people in the game it's a way of life, it's a passion... just seeing other sports from outside and hearing the stories about the Bill Walshes and the Belichicks and those guys, in general you see a lot of people... it's a 24-hour-a-day deal.

Additionally, he talked about how much fun he had making all those big offseason deals, all the work that went into the offseason, his approach in acquiring James Shields and the impact of those December trades on acquiring the right-hander.

As interested as we were in James, he was equally interested in us.

He also denied any claims that he is "a genius, rock star GM, a mad man, [or] a maverick." He's just excited about the improvements he's helped make to the club and the upcoming season. So modest!

Check out the rest of the interview below: