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Padres uniforms the second worst uniforms in MLB

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN and Uni Watch the Padres no longer have the worst uniforms in Major League Baseball.  I'm pretty certain that as long as Uni Watch has been doing their rankings, the Padres have been dead last the entire time.  But no longer.

Somehow the Marlins are now the caboose in the great uniform train.  The trouble is, I actually like the Marlins' uniforms better than the Pads.  When I think of the current Padres uniform set I think of Will Venable.  So dull, so blah, so Venable.  Here's what Paul Lukas has to say:

Uni Watch Power Rankings rates MLB's uniforms from 1-30 - ESPN

Fans have been clamoring for the Padres to bring back the brown for years, and they're finally responding, if just barely. They'll be wearing late-1980s throwbacks for five Wednesday-afternoon home games in 2015. It's not the best brown-inclusive look from their history (that would be this one), and the rest of the team's wardrobe is still MLB's most boring set. But it's a start.

Now when I think of those brown unis even Venable looks better to me.  Everything looks better in Padres brown and gold.  For some strange reason Padres leadership will still probably try and change to PCL uniforms so they can wear red, white and blue.  Ugh.