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Justin Upton looks crazy sexy in brown Padres pinstripes

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres released their first look at the brown late 80's throwback pinstripes that the team will be wearing on their 5 Way Back Wednesdays this season.  Justin Upton looks so on point, it's ridic.  It doesn't seem right that we should be teased like this.  Who could possibly deny that these are far superior to anything that the Padres have worn in the past two decades?  No one, that's who. Not one.

The Padres are bringing back the brown pinstripes because nostalgia cannot be stopped |

On five Wednesdays throughout the 2015 season, the Padres will rock the throwback brown pinstripes at Petco Park as part of the team's "Way Back Wednesdays" promotion.

I'll avoid going into a full blown uniform tirade this morning, but let me just say that the Padres desperately need to return to brown uniforms.  None of this compromising with a combo of brown and blue sh_t either.

I made a joke on Twitter a few years ago that the other option would be to have the Padres wear green screen uniforms and let the viewers at home choose which uniforms they see on TV.  Upton's picture reminded me of that.

Just look at Justin Upton, LOOK AT HIM!

Now look at Justin and Upton. LOOK AT THEM!