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Things the Padres Front Office are no longer about: Hope and Sweatpants

As the Padres beat reporters drop their beats, there are two new things that we know the Padres are no longer concerned with and are basically no longer about. One is hope. And the other is sweatpants. One can only assume that posessing any hope of wearing sweatpants is being written into HR requirements

In other news, you know who would look like a person that's just barely hanging onto hope while wearing sweatpants? The new version of Ron Fowler apparently after spending all this money in the off-season:

I feel for a guy that spends millions of dollars of his own money and forgets to hang onto enough to buy food. That's pain. By the way, when you drive into Petco Park this season, go up 16th Ave on the way in and realize that if Ron Fowlers spends any more of his money on your Padres, he's going to end up in the tent city just outside of the soup kitchen on that block. Fo' real, fo' real.

For those of you who were hoping that hope and sweatpants were really going to be a thing...

hope sweatpants

Keep on, keepin' on, Padres Fan.