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Casey Kelly's freshly strained groin will keep him off the mound for time being

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

Casey Kelly who hasn't been seen in ages due to Tommy John surgery in 2013 and a strained forearm in 2014 made it through about 3.5 days of Spring camp before getting himself injured again.  This time it's a strained groin that's keeping him off the mound.  There's currently no time table for his return.

Padres prospect Kelly slowed by strained groin |

"It was kind of a gradual thing," Kelly said. "It just got tighter and tighter. Right now, we're just getting treatment on it."

I really want to see Kelly rebound and fight for that 5th spot in the rotation, so I'm bummed that he's the first Padre to go down.  It's amazing how quickly a player can be telling a beat reporter that they've never felt better and in the best shape of their life to being down for the count.

Padres' Casey Kelly continues to be sidelined by strained groin |

The leg situation will resolve itself, but more importantly, I think the arm's in a good spot. He feels good about that.

Even though those pesky groin strains seem to claim someone each year, the positive to be taken away from this is that at least it's not his arm.  I take some comfort in that.