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Cameron Maybin believes he's the best option in centerfield

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

MLB writer Corey Brock is turning out the coverage today.  He gave a little preview of his talk with one time Padres centerfielder Cameron Maybin in a tweet this morning.  In it Maybin says that he "believes he's the best option as a CF for this team".  My reaction was much like yours, "Who now?  Oh, he's still with the team?  Yeah, that's not gonna happen."

There seems to be a consensus in the responses to Brock's tweet:

lol yeah no

Ok. No.

prolly not


he is the best option; up until he makes a diving catch attempt 2nd week of season and blows out a shoulder.


If he's the starting CF then Preller blew that trade.

he is out of mind.He was giving the chance to start every yr and never proved much at all so better get use to the bench

He'll need to learn hitting discipline really quickly.

I think we're all basically on the same page here.  Maybin's time with the Padres has been pretty disappointing.  Most of that disappointment stems from his constant injuries, oh and the PED suspension.  He's rarely been on the field in the past two seasons and when he was it wasn't even that impressive.  Frankly I've given up on him, that ship has sailed.  I'm looking forward to seeing his replacement play again. But Maybin to his credit still has plans to win back his spot.

Maybin ready to 'put up or shut up' |

"My motto is, 'Put up or shut up,' this year," Maybin said. "Stay healthy this year, and let the play speak for itself. I don't like coming off the bench, I don't like sitting on the bench. I'm going to do everything in my power to show these guys that I can play every day."

Good for him.  It's important to keep a positive mental attitude.  He's going to need that when he's coming off the bench late in the game as a defensive substitution or to pinch run.

Brock explains that Preller could still trade him but with his hefty contract, it's going to be a tough sell.  Regardless of his role Maybin wants to remain a Padre.

"What we have here is great. I want to be a part of that. What A.J. has been able to do this offseason, I want to be a part of," Maybin said. "Whatever my role is going to be … I'm going to be a great teammate."

If Maybin is starting in CF on Opening Day then something has already seriously gone wrong for the Padres.  Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Cameron Maybin hopes to be Padres' starting center fielder |

Asked if he agreed center field is an open competition, Black replied: "Agree. Yeah. Sure."

Black sounds about as convinced as I do.