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Fox Sports San Diego hires Ally Sturm

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports San Diego announced last week that they've hired a new Padres POV host and occasional sideline reporter to replace Kate Osborne.  Her name is Ally Sturm and she comes to us from the Colorado sports scene.  She's covered the Rockies, the Broncos, the hockey team in the area... some college sports, etc.

Ally Sturm joins FOX Sports San Diego broadcast team | FOX Sports

FOX Sports San Diego (FSSD) today welcomes Ally Sturm to their distinguished team of broadcast talent as the new host of the network's weekly show, Padres POV. Additionally, she will assume the occasional role of Sideline Reporter for FOX Sports San Diego's Padres telecasts.

On Friday after the announcement I asked what Ally was like and I got two one-word responses "nice" and "cute" from two different people.  Just like me!  I have high hopes for her.  FSSD desperately needs more personality and engagement from their broadcast team.  Mark Grant can't carry you all forever!  I'm talking to you, Enberg, Pomeranz, Sweeney and Budden!

Things got real when I looked up Sturm's reel on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised by the spunk she brings to her coverage.  I like what I've seen so far.  She seems much more polished than her predecessor.  This could be a good thing.  I hope she interacts with the fan base.  Maybe she can live tweet her POV episodes or something.  What do you think? I approve.  TAKE THE POLL!