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Tommy Medica stars, shirtless, in a music video

What did I just watch?

Honestly I feel kinda weird and gross posting this and talking about it, but I have to share it with you guys.

About an hour ago (around 9:30 pm, Sunday night) I was just minding my business, watching the Padres replay on Fox Sports San Diego while game-threading with a few Gaslamp Ballers. Then my phone goes off and I see a text from freelunch with a link to a video on YouTube.

"Have you seen this?"

Curious, I click on the link; and as the video begins, it's not anything I would've ever expected. "Why is she sending me this? Who is Princess Eze?" I wonder, until about nine seconds into the video when I do a double take and hit pause. And finally I understand (and know that I use that word loosely).


I get through about half a minute and have to pause again because I can't stop cringing. I watch about another half a minute and then stop once more to text freelunch back and tell her how uncomfortable I am watching it. Then I make myself power through the rest of the video and it doesn't get any easier. It's nothing against the song or the singer, but I just felt really weirded out watching the video. I don't know if it's because I'm used to seeing Tommy Medica in a completely different environment and seeing him like this threw me off, but... I... I just don't know. Am I just being weird about this?

Watch for yourself and see if you have the same reaction:

It's like I had so many questions, but at the same time I didn't know exactly what those questions were. In search of more answers, I followed a link from Princess Eze's YouTube profile to her Twitter, and then followed another link from her Twitter to her Instagram. There I found even more goodies.

T and I had a greatt time making this for you. Thank you to the dope team for making it so fun.

A video posted by Princess Eze (@princessmeze) on

But still no answers to the nonspecific questions I had. I just know that the next time they show Tommy Medica during a game on FSSD and his shirt is unbuttoned, I won't have to wonder what it would look like if he unbuttoned the rest of it. Because I can just go back and watch this video (except I probably won't).