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Jonny's Top 10 Gaslamp Ball blog posts

I've been here since day one (albeit, not as an official author). Therefore, like Jbox, I'd like to share with you my top 10 blog posts over the past 10 years in chronological order...

The Foul Ball Incident Sitting along the Third Baseline I lean over to retrieve a foul ball.  Out of nowhere several fans behind me also try for it, sending all of us tumbling onto the field.  Mud and Matt make Plumbing Convention jokes on the air while I split my forehead open on the warning track.

Pizza Feeds Many of you probably don't realize this, but there was a time when Gaslamp Ball organized get-togethers.  It was in the early days when there was something like 20 readers.  Today that would be like 10 grand in pizza.

Moonlight Arvesen I bought a random jersey at Fanfest because it was from the 90's and my size.  Later I would find out it belonged to a scab that never played because of the strike resolution in 1995.  Eventually Arvesen and his wife were made aware of the story.  After a great phone conversation I ended up sending it to him.  Along with the blog post the jersey now hangs over his pool table.

Pad Squad Andre The first time we met PSA he surprised us with lemonade. An ambassador to the fans, an ambassador to the game.  If this list wasn't in chronological order this post would be at the top.

Fox 5 with Chrissy Russo To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the blog Dex and I appeared on Fox 5 in the morning with Heath Bell.  Say what you will about Bell, he could not have been nicer.  We joked around and played catch for probably an hour.  He made us at ease while on TV.  However I said all of two words on the air while Dex carried us.

NL Banner I picked up the "NL" portion of the NL Western Division Champs sign at fanfest.  It wasn't suppose to be sold and the Padres didn't realize it was missing until they started planning for the 2010 playoffs.  The front office contacted Jbox in order to get it back.  The problem was that meant Jbox breaking into my house because I was in Australia for a month.  Unfortunately we all know it wasn't needed after all.  (This year!)

First Media Night Playing catch, shagging balls and taking batting practice at Petco Park.  It does not get any better than this.  Jbox, Dex and I enjoyed it so much we pretty much forgot to eat and were sore for about a week and a half.

Is this Heaven? A road trip I took with my wife from Nebraska to Chicago.  We stopped in Iowa... you know what I'm saying, Field of Dreams!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey My favorite anything Gaslamp Ball has ever done is the #SotTJ.  I've been fortunate to take the Jersey and it's magical powers on two trips.  Once on a trip up the coast with my family that ended at AT&T park.  The second on a trip with Kev to Austin for a Formula 1 race.

Padres Social 2 One reason.  Jerry Coleman.  The Colonel.  The first and only time I had the pleasure to meet such a legend.  Not that the rest of the night wasn't great.  He was great.  So humble and low key.  He spoke to everybody one on one.  I didn't appreciate as much as I should have at the time, I figured he would last forever.

Unfortunately, as Jbox pointed out, some of the early posts do not show either pictures or videos.  Nonetheless I really enjoyed rereading these old blog posts.  These were just a select few.  There have been a lot of other moments over the past 10 years like meeting Tony the Gwynn, taking my boys to their first games, interviewing Dave Winfield, the playoffs, game 163, etc.  I can't wait to come up with my top 20 a decade from now!