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Baseball talk with Corey Brock

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

About a month ago writer Corey Brock suggested we, his Twitter followers,  talk about all the Padres news over some beers.  Well the Padres swept in and hosted their own Happy Hour, which I think led to Brock's being delayed somewhat.

In any case, the day finally arrived this past Tuesday and I showed up a good hour and a half late due to prior obligations.  The location was Modern Times Brewery in Point Loma, nestled between a seedy strip club and a bunch of warehouses.  I drove by the entrance without seeing it so I parked and walked down a back alley between Le Girls Body Shop and what I would come to find out was the backside of Modern Times.  I walked briskly to avoid some creeper dudes and angrily quiet-yelled at Siri to tell me where the eff Modern Times was located.  Nothing sends me into a rage quicker than trying to get information out of Siri.

Turning the corner I could see into the brewery and there was Corey among his people.  Inside I met the best Padre fans that Twitter could provide.  Among them, fellow Gaslamp Ballers Wonko and Darklighter.   Also there were Padres Public bloggers and butt loads of dudes you'd know from their Twitter handles.

I talked to a few of the Padres employees were there, the other bloggers and some dear friends.  It wasn't until I was headed out that I got a chance to jump in and talk to Corey.  I expressed my happiness with the Padres roster and how I hoped that once they hit the field together that Preller's plan would actually work.  I told him that'd it'd be nice if they could get off to a good start,  I asked what a good start meant to him.  He thought playing over .500 and within three games of the division lead after the first month would satisfy.  I told him I'd blog about the last time it happened, thinking it would be ages ago.  He said he'd read it.  It wasn't until today that I actually checked and there was 2010 staring back at me.  For some reason I thought the team got off to a slow start that year, but my memory is terrible.  After 30 games they were 19-11 and in first place, not bad at all.

All in all it was a great opportunity to enjoy some Padres fellowship before the season starts.  Look how happy we were.

Next time you should come and join us instead of being so shy.