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Padres trade of Jedd Gyorko for Jon Jay is fresh!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres traded 2B Jedd Gyorko and about $7 million to the St. Louis Cardinals for one season of Jon Jay.  If you're looking for positives it's that the Padres will clear about $18 million in savings over the next several years by getting out under Gyorko's contract extension.  They will also be forced to find an everyday second basemen instead of relying on a platoon.  Preller didn't have much confidence in Gyorko it seemed, so in a way it's best that he find his own solution for the Padres' infield problems.  The other upside is that when Jon Jay's wrist isn't injured he's pretty good hitter and he can play decent outfield defense which the team lacked last season.

The downside is that while Gyorko's contract seems expensive, it's really not.  If you've noticed, players are earning buttloads of money and it will probably get even more ridiculous by the time Gyorko's contract expires.  He's very affordable if you're willing to see if he matures into an above average player.  Jedd has been plagued by injuries since his breakout rookie year and struggled hard even when he was healthy.  Still he could be a serviceable infielder or at least a utility player in the Padres system.  I lean slightly to this opinion.

The media and bloggers had all sorts of different opinions on this one but came to ultimate conclusion it was fresh. Just like its movie equivalent: Summer School starring Mark Harmon.  I'd rather watch Summer School again than either of these guys play baseball, am I alone in this?

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Fresh_mediumCardinals, Padres both accomplish objectives with Gyorko-Jay trade-MLB - Keith Law Blog- ESPN
The Jedd Gyorko/Jon Jay swap looks a bit like a salary dump, and perhaps a trade of two disappointing players, but it allows each club to achieve something important: cost savings for the San Diego Padres, and moving a surplus player to fill a critical bench spot for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Fresh_mediumPadres, Cards Swap Interesting Players in Uninteresting Trade | FanGraphs Baseball
Call it a dual buy-low. The Cardinals are taking a chance on a bounceback middle infielder. The Padres are taking a chance on a bounceback center fielder. The Cardinals might have more to gain from this move, just because of how long Gyorko is controlled, but the Padres will also save money, and if Jay rebounds well he could fetch something at the deadline if the team drops out of the race.

Rotten_mediumGyork store called: Padres may regret this |
So trading him for Jay, a free agent after this season, suggests that Preller doesn’t think Gyorko will develop into at least an average third baseman. More to the point, he doesn’t want to be on the hook for Josh Byrnes’ modest gamble on Gyorko’s track record as a hitter – from college through the minors and into his rookie season – when it’s easier to get out from under it today.

Fresh_mediumScott Miller on what Gyorko trade was good for Padres & trying to figure out Preller’s plan | Darren Smith - Interviews | Mighty1090AM
Jedd Gyorko, how many more chances can the Padres give him to be a productive every day player, right? It's time to cut ties. I say "good for the Padres" for getting out from under that money.

Padres-Cardinals trade...Jedd Gyorko-for-John Jay...probably win-win for both sides..but less power potential in lineup now for sure..

Rotten_mediumNo Gyork Store Reference Here | Padres Public
My issue with the deal (and I’m obligated by the internet to have one, by the way) isn’t so much with the players; rather, it’s with the general direction of the Padres. Where are they going? Are they just cutting payroll? Are they trying to compete and rebuild at the same time?

I get that Jedd was a little expensive but you motherfucking traded for broken hipped motherfucking Matt Kemp! And old and bad Melvin Upton!

So with the exception of shedding $ & gaining flexibility in '17, I don't see this deal as being beneficial. Hopefully more moves to come?

Get out from under Jedd's contract, pick up a 30-yo OF who is LH with OBP skills and decent defense. I like the John Jay trade.

Drew Pomeranz and Jon Jay are more return than I expected for Yonder Alonso and Jedd Gyorko.

Okay. I can get behind that.

I'm actually fine with the trade, though it doesn't really get me worked up one way or another.

It honestly stings trading a young, very productive infielder just about to enter his prime years for such a diminished return.

It's good to see the send such generous gifts to the , who are clearly reeling after their 100-win season.

Shedding 26MM and redistributing that money elsewhere is paramount. If they do that, (which I believe they will) it is a very good move.

So the Padres traded Gyorko for an older and more expensive version of Jankowski? Mmmm k This could really blow up, like the deal prior

Fresh_mediumQuick reaction to Gyorko trade | Friarhood
This is likely not the last deal of the offseason, but I like it and you should, also.

This trade also better positions the team for 2017 and out when they have a better chance at being competitive.



"I don't like Jon Jay. I don't think he's a starting player at the major league level. I don't like that trade."