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Padres will retrofit centerfield at Petco Park

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Business Journal reports that the Padres will be renovating or retrofitting the "beacher seats" in centerfield.  The seats were never a great place to see a ballgame and the bleacher style seating was really uncomfortable to say the least.  The best reason to sit there was if you had kids, because they can play in the sand pit and you can keep and eye on them and the ballgame all at once.

The area was originally suppose to mimic the Spring Training outfield experience but it never seemed that popular.  Part of the reason was probably due to the view obstructions and the low line of sight.  This new project should probably be a big improvement like the remodel of left field that happened last off-season.

I don't have a subscription to the Business Journal which might surprise some of you, so here's the only part of the article I can read.

Surf’s up at Petco, along with a new project in right field -- San Diego Business Journal

The San Diego Padres are converting a section of right-field bleacher seats at Petco Park into a beach-themed group space for the 2016 season. The $3.5 million project, funded by the Padres, is tied to a five-year deal the team sig...

Sounds great.  I'll have to sign up for a free trial account I suppose.  Here's an artist's rendering of the changes.


I spoke too soon. It looks like the Padres just tweeted a press release with more information.  They should take this a step further and cover the pier pilings in barnacles and the add the dank smell of tide pools.

San Diego Padres announce ballpark upgrades for 2016 |

The new space, with a design aesthetic modeled after Southern California's iconic piers, will feature pilings and decking constructed from environmentally friendly recycled composite wood. Drink rails will line the front row of each level, with approximately 60 fixed seats between the two. In total, the space will accommodate nearly 600 people in a standing room only capacity. Ideal for mingling and social interaction, it will be sold as a group space for the majority of games.