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Quiz: The 10 Padres rookies with 10 or more home runs

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It seems improbable that a franchise that has been in action for 47 seasons would have only ten rookies with a ten-homer year in that span, but, then again, this is the Padres we're talking about, so to quote Alkaline Trio, "I take back every word that I said". This quiz will test your recollection of said newbies, whose double-digit debuts span from the Friars' inaugural campaign in 1969 through the largely forgettable 2013 season.

In addition to those two hints, I have listed each player's home run total, along with the position he played. I felt like including the years of their rookie seasons would make it too easy. Yes, I did just note the bookends' years above, but those are two guys who basically all of you were going to get right anyway. I put three minutes on the clock, which should be more than ample time to get the ones you know, without allowing too much time for hammering in random names in hopes that one sticks. In the interest of time, you only need to enter each player's last name. Also, if you aren't sure how to spell someone's last name, give it your best shot, as I put nearly every imaginable misspelling as options for each player. For instance, if an answer was "Gonzalez" (which none of them are), and you typed "Gonzales", you would still get credit.

Once your time is up, log your results into the poll below, then head down to the comments section to discuss the ones you got, the ones you should have gotten, and the ones that came as a surprise. Just be sure to use the spoiler-bar feature, as explained below, over names as a courtesy to those who have yet to take the quiz.

spoiler alert

Good luck!