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Padres trade of Yonder Alonso for Drew Pomeranz is FRESH!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I can't imagine the Padres missing their light hitting often injured first basemen Yonder Alonso at all.  By trading him they save some money and get a possible starting pitcher from Drew Pomeranz.  The trade also opens up first base for Wil Myers who proved he wasn't suited for center field last season.  It's all upside, everybody likes it.  Even Yonder Alonso.

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100% Fresh

Here's what the media and bloggers think of the trade:

Fresh_mediumA’s Trade Drew Pomeranz to Padres for Yonder Alonso | FanGraphs Baseball
Yonder Alonso and Drew Pomeranz are both decent major league players and they fit a bit better at their payroll numbers on their new teams. The Padres get a a solid reliever with some potential to be a starter, while the A’s get an above-average hitter still on the right side of 30 at a lower cost than their current first baseman. One side might get the better end when it comes to results, but right now, the deal seems pretty fair.

Fresh_mediumDrew Pomeranz on His Knuckle Curve | FanGraphs Baseball
The deal makes better sense for the Padres if Pomeranz is a starter. And it looks like the team is considering him a starting pitcher for the time being.

Fresh_mediumThe Kept Faith Pod #29: SD Social Summit
"I thought it was a great move.  A very smart move."

The trade Yonder Alonso for more than a puff of warm air...and get a LH starter no less! I like this AJ better than

Save money, get back pitching talent, free up 1st base for Myers: Win win win for Preller.

I'm loving this deal.

Like the trade. Save a few bucks, get a serviceable lefty and prospect for players who probably weren't going to be here anyway.

Even I can't find anything wrong with this one.

Alonso for Pomeranz is better than I could have dreamed.

[Is it a good trade?] I think so. It was already looking like Wil Myers or Derek Norris figured to see more time at first.

Fresh_mediumPadres, Athletics Swap Alonso and Pomeranz | Friarhood
Considering that Alonso and Rzepczynski were possible non-tender candidates, this looks like a pretty good deal for the Padres. For two years of Alonso and one year of Rzepczynski, they receive three years of Pomeranz, and Torres, who has yet to make his Major League debut. Pomeranz helps address San Diego’s need for a left-handed pitcher, and he has experience as both a reliever and a starter, so that gives the Padres some options.