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Padres host offseason Social Summit

The Padres revealed their new commemorative All-Star season jerseys and brown Friday home jerseys in front of the Social Summit crowd at Petco Park on Tuesday.

The Padres held an off-season Social Summit on Tuesday, and several of us Gaslamp Ballers were in attendance. They had announced the event and invited people to #ReplyToApply on Twitter in hopes of getting an invitation to a night of fun with Jesse Agler, Mark Grant, and other unannounced guests.

After news of new Padres uniforms leaked last week, and the announcement that the unveiling of those uniforms would take place on Tuesday, we were all under the assumption that we'd be in for an extra-fun night at the Social Summit. The event started at 5:00 pm in downtown San Diego at a bar right outside Petco Park called Social Tap, which isn't a great name, but the place was nice. Since I had to drive down from Carlsbad that day, I arrived about 15 minutes late and had to slink into the crowd, making it just before they closed the door to the patio that we had gathered on. Phew!

I noticed that there was a lot of San Diego media guys and photographers in the crowd, which made it even more evident that we were in for something big that night. Mike Dee and some other front office members were there, but they kept to themselves most of the night and didn't address the crowd directly like they've done in previous Social Summits.

Wayne Partello kicked things off, thanking us for being there and acknowledging that those who were invited (a mix of some of the usual crowd along with some new faces) were some of the most active and passionate fans on Twitter. He then introduced Padres announcers Mark Grant and Jesse Agler, who started things off by answering a few questions. But not before Mudcat got us pumped by proclaiming "Dodgers suck!" He ended September's Social Summit with an "I hate the Dodgers!" so he knows what we like.

social summit mark grant jesse agler

Then Jesse took a panoramic photo of all of us in the crowd.

Spot the Gaslamp Ballers:

We weren't there for very long before Jesse told Mud that they were boring us and they decided they needed to "switch things up." I got very excited. We had been waiting all day to see the new brown uniforms (and I guess the white ones too), and I just knew that this was it. We were led over to the Park at the Park, where the big screen behind the batter's eye showed a graphic saying "Welcome to SD Social Summit" with a stage set up in front.

We all gathered around with our phones set to take pictures and videos, and Mudcat took the stage with a mic.

social summit are you ready
First up was the new home white jerseys which featured the SD logo in blue and yellow on the left breast. After a promotional video, Mud welcomed Wil Myers to the stage to model the new uni.

I wasn't very excited about it and really just wanted to see the new brown uniforms, but I have to say I don't hate these. We learned that these jerseys are commemorative All-Star Game jerseys - the first ever to be worn - and are for the 2016 season only on a trial run, which makes them even more tolerable.

Finally, what we'd all been waiting OUR WHOLE LIVES for. The Padres unveiled their new brown and yellow jerseys, which will be worn every Friday home game in 2016.

They. Are. Beautiful. A lot of people are unimpressed with the font on the jersey and the return of the "Taco Bell" hats, but I don't mind the font very much and I absolutely LOVE the hats.  They're what I was/am most excited about.

Super excited. I was telling Rick from RJ's Fro later that night that those stupid, beautiful hats are what really sold me, not only on the new brown unis, but the whole 2016 set. It's a mess with all the different color schemes, but... those hats, man. I'm in love.

After the promo video for the brown unis, James Shields came out to model them in person. Then we were all invited for photo ops with the players. The Padres even had professional photographers take our pictures and later emailed us a link to a photo album where we could download them for free, which was a nice touch.

After that, we headed back to Social Tap to mingle and enjoy each other's company for the rest of the night. They also brought out the news hats and jerseys for us to try on and/or take pictures.

After this week, I'm hopeful for the possibility of even more brown in the future and I just really can't wait to see these uniforms in action next season. And I'm not the only one excited.

Casey Kelly pumped uniforms