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Petco Park getting new LED lights

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I heard the Padres were installing new LED lights but I must not have been paying very close attention because I didn't know they meant the main ballpark lights.  "Oh those lights!", I mumbled to myself.  I thought they just meant those LED ribbons or something.

Petco Park Press Release

With specially designed optics, the new system will cut glare both inside and outside the ballpark, especially important given the venue’s proximity to neighboring buildings. With Musco’s system design and application expertise, the improved visibility offered by the system will enhance television broadcasts and provide a stage-like atmosphere for spectators.

Today the Padres have a big ass crane on the field doing the heavy lifting.  Don't worry about the grass, the field itself is already in complete disrepair after the 12 day Holiday Wonderland event.

I keep thinking back to 2004-2008 when fans weren't allowed to step on the grass or even stare longingly at it.  I remember going to Dex's graduation which was held on the field and they had about 10 security guards keeping friends and family off the grass.   Say what you will about the Moorad regime but they're the ones realized how ridiculous the grounds crew was about their grass. We've come a long way.