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Merry Christmas, here's some random Padres news

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas Gaslamp Ballers!  Hope all is well with you and yours.  Thought I'd just chime in with some random news that relates to the Padres in roundabout ways.

Padres Store Sale

Jonny Dub raves about the Christmas Eve sale at the Padres Store all year long.  Most of their stock is 50% off (some is 75%) as they try and make room for new merchandise in the new year.  Usually items are about 4 times more than you want to pay for them so now they're only twice as much.  The Padres have been promoting their 12 days of Christmas sale, but being very coy about the 50% sale on Christmas Eve.  Jonny has called the store on about three occasions trying to get them to tell their secrets.  If you're in town, then it might be time to stock up on Justin Upton jerseys and possibly meet Jonny!

Ballpark Construction Begins

I didn't make it down to Petco Park's Winter Wonderland festivities this year but Gavin did and he took some photos of the ballpark construction in centerfield.  If you missed the news a few weeks ago, the Padres are creating another group ticket area.  Shortly after Christmas, on the 28th, a crane will come in to upgrade to LED lights.

John Moores may soon own Everton soccer team

I don't know anything about soccer but apparently former Padres owner John Moores is interested in purchasing another sports team.  I was asked on Twitter what I thought of him as an owner and I said he's one of those characters that you can't tell if he's a good guy or a bad guy.  He's undoubtedly done some good things for the city.  He revitalized the downtown area with the ballpark, he created the Moores Cancer Center and he was a good owner for about 8 years.  In the second half of his tenure he was an absentee owner, he took $200M in TV money from the team and he was involved in some shady political dealings.  I'm still curious to see just why he's getting himself involved in the Qualcomm Stadium Initiative.

Everton takeover latest: Highs and lows of John Jay Moores' San Diego Padres ownership - Liverpool Echo

Chequered could be one word to describe the era when John Jay Moores was the owner of Major League Baseball's San Diego Padres franchise.

Mentally ill man claims title of Petco Park

We've had some owners who's mental health was questionable but one man has created legal trouble for the Padres.  As the article says, the claim on Petco Park is similar to a person getting their identity stolen "It causes you nightmares, but you are still you and your property is still yours."

Bogus title transfer clouds Petco Park ownership |

Derris Devon McQuaig took legal title to the downtown ballpark away from the city and the Padres two years ago by walking into the San Diego County Recorder’s Officer and submitting a properly filled-out deed transfer. Seriously.

400 pound bearded woman stabs victim and runs away

Just down the street from Petco Park a strange occurrence took place.  I always park out beyond the 300 block of Park Blvd. and I fear that one day I'll suffer the same fate.  I hope she's apprehended before baseball season begins.

Heavyset woman with facial hair stabs man, runs away - CBS News 8

The suspect was described as a roughly 400-pound white woman "with a beard," wearing a white shirt and jeans.

That's some description.  I'm not even sure how a 400 pound person escapes on foot unless absolutely no one else bothered to follow her.