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Minor League Pitching Moves

Pitchers coming, pitchers going, The roster must be growing For Preller keeps on going And he's certainly not showing Any signs that he is slowing!

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

First, rumor had it that RH reliever Marcos Mateo was going to leave the organization to pitch in Japan.  Then, buried in a U-T article about Mateo's departure, I see that another RH reliever, Jay Jackson, was apprently released.  Well, what goes up must come down, right?  The Padres signed RH reliever Jose Dominguez and RH starter Carlos Pimentel to minor league contracts today.  What does this all mean?

First, the departure of Mateo and Jackson clear up two spots on the 40-man.  Buddy Baumann's addition was accommodated by the DFA of Josmil Pinto, so these spots are truly clear and free at the time of printing.  This could open room for a multi-player trade, or Preller can add some more blocked talent from the high minors if he chooses.

The additions of Dominguez and Pimentel fit the recent trend of the organization adding talent depth through players with standout skills.  Dominguez is a reliever who spits hot fire from his right shoulder in the form of 100+mph heaters.  His K-rate is ridiculous, but his control issues are well-documented.  He's seen brief MLB time each of the last three years, so he's certainly a candidate for the hydra that will form the Padres bullpen.  Pimentel just won the PCL's Pitcher of the Year as a starter for the Iowa Cubs, but his peripherals also indicate that control could be an issue for him as well.

Player development is a trait that is often attached to Preller and the staff he has gathered.  He's been collecting guys with "loud skills" and glaring weak points that have kept them from breaking through.  Perhaps the staff sees some coachable flaws here that could bear fruit with some hard work and polishing.