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Baseball America's Top 10 Padres Prospects

Which player acquired in the Craig Kimbrel trade ranks #1?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Prospect ranking season is upon us and I was ready at the start of the offseason to have to cringe with each list. However, after the Craig Kimbrel trade, the lists aren't as cringeworthy as anticipated. Baseball America posted their list today.

1. Javier Guerra, ss

2. Manuel Margot, of

3. Hunter Renfroe, of

4. Ruddy Giron, ss

5. Jose Rondon, ss

6. Travis Jankowski, of

7. Colin Rea, rhp

8. Logan Allen, lhp

9. Austin Smith, rhp

10. Michael Gettys, of

In a bit of a non-surprise surprise Javier Guerra (one of the three prospects on this list that the Padres got in the Kimbrel trade) is ranked #1. It's a surprise since #2 Manuel Margot (also part of the Kimbrel trade) was ranked 24th in Baseball America's 2015 midseason top 50 list and Guerra wasn't ranked at all. It's a non-surprise because Guerra had the better 2015 season and has been getting more and more hype lately. Both players play up-the-middle positions, but Margot is closer to the majors. That probably means that the BA staff really like Guerra's ceiling.

Hunter Renfroe leads the way at #3 for prospects drafted and developed by the Padres. #6 Travis Jankowski, #7 Colin Rea, #9 Austin Smith and #10 Michael Gettys also fit this category. #4 Ruddy Giron wasn't drafted by the Padres, but signed with them as an international free agent and has been developed by the Friars. He faces as interesting season after his 2015 breakout. He was on his way to becoming the Lake Elsinore starting SS, but now that looks like Guerra's job. Giron, and his 24 errors last year with the Fort Wayne Tin Caps, might have to slide over to 2B. Gettys will also likely play for the Storm. Smith should be with the Tin Caps. Renfroe, Jankowski and Rea should all be competing for big league jobs or polishing up their skills in AAA.

That leaves Jose Rondon and Logan Allen. Rondon is the most advanced SS prospect in the Padres organization after being acquired from the Angels in the Huston Street trade. He might repeat AA this year, but possibly reach the big league club in 2017 just ahead of Guerra. Logan Allen is the 3rd prospect on this list that arrived via the Kimbrel exchange. The 2015 8th round pick could either pitch for Fort Wayne or Lake Elsinore (or both) this season.