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Scoreboard Baby!



That's right, it's a Nevco!  Model 1010 to be exact.  This scoreboard represents the pinnacle among little league fields and playgrounds decades ago. My time. My childhood.  Not some 4K HD screen my boys will probably play under in a few short years.

I frequently drive by an abandoned little league complex in Santee.  Over the past year I witnessed buildings and fences come down.  The last thing I wanted to see is this scoreboard filling up a landfill.  So after getting the green light from three different public agencies I enlisted my fearless brother-in-law and jbox to help me take it down this past weekend and turn it into yard art.

Yesterday I mounted it on a fence in my side yard.  I still need to get a control box to operate it.  Better yet, I'd love to hook it up to my PC and have it automatically update with the latest Padre game.  As for now I can gaze upon it outside my home office during the long off-season...

Scoreboard 2