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Quiz: Padres Silver Slugger Winners

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Hello, friends! It has been eleven days since I last put a quiz in front of your pretty li'l faces, so it seemed high time to once again test the contents of the gray matter lurking behind your soulful eyes. Two years ago to the day I challenged you to name all the Gold Glove Award winners in Padres history; this time the subject is their offensive counterpart, the Silver Sluggers.

As was the case with the Gold Glovers, there have been ten Silver Slugger recipients in team history. In turn, I have put the same amount of time on the clock, two minutes. Like I said then, three minutes seemed like a bit much, lending itself to wild mass guesses, and listing the years each guy won would be a dead giveaway. You want to be challenged, don't you?

Last names are all that are required of you; if you're unsure of how to spell somebody's surname just give it your best shot, as there are several alternate misspellings for each plugged into the back end (heh). For instance, if a correct answer was Rodriguez, you would still get credit for inputting Rodrigues. When your two minutes are up, log your results in the poll, and be sure to use the spoiler bar feature over any names in your comments.

Ready? Okay, to quote Ian MacKaye, flex your head!