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The Padres are moving their retired numbers

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In the name of improvement the Padres are moving their retired numbers from their home atop the batter's eye.  I don't like the plan one bit.  It sounds like a downgrade in just about every conceivable way.  When those numbers were retired I thought for sure they'd be there until the ballpark fell into disrepair and the greedy owners moved the team to Mexico.  Now they'll be gone before the start of next season.

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The five numbers retired by the Padres -- plus the No. 42 of Jackie Robinson retired by Major League Baseball ­-- will be removed from the top of the batter's eye and be placed in a more prominent location on the upper deck facade behind home plate.

The top of the batter's eye is a much more prominent location then the upper deck facade.  How can that even be argued?  You can see them now from practically every seat and standing area.  To move them to the facade behind home plate they'll no longer be in the fans' line of sight.  Plus they'll no longer be visible when playing baseball video games.  Who ever looks back there unless you have seats in the outfield, you're stalking Mark Grant or a player hits a foul ball?

The numbers will soon include the player's name as well, which I think is redundant and unnecessary.  The numbers without the names allow you to explain to your children or friends who the player was when asked.  That helps keep the conversation and memories alive.

Against the blue background of the facade, the numbers will be in Padres yellow and flanked by the players' first and last name in white -- the start of a Padres' ring of honor around the upper deck.

Not only are they moving but they'll now be "Padres yellow" against the blue background.  Ugh.  Why are the Padres so intent upon making this new color combination happen?  First the All-Star Game logo, then the uniforms and now the numbers.  I sighed in relief when I heard the blue and yellow uniforms would only stick around for the All-Star season, but now the colors will remain in some capacity.

Oh Padres, you disappoint me.  Can somebody explain to me how any of this is an improvement?