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San Diego fans ranked 10th best in grammar, spelling, and punctuation by Grammarly

Padres and Chargers fans have pretty decent grammar.

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Earlier this year, Grammarly sent us the results of their study on grammar, spelling, and punctuation usage by MLB fans. They found that Padres fans had the second best command of the English language out of every fanbase in the league, averaging only 4.4 errors per 100 words.

Grammarly, a "writing-enhancement platform," based their study on comments taken from the news section of each team's official website. They also did the same study for NFL fans (Chargers fans were found to have the fifth best grammar out of NFL fanbases) and NBA fans. SB Nation's NBA team blogs were actually the basis for Grammarly's NBA rankings, so I hope they include MLB and NFL team blogs in their future studies as well.

As the year is coming to a close, Grammarly has now released their Pro Sports 2015 Grammar Power Rankings. They've combined all fanbases from each city and ranked each city based on their previous league rankings. San Diego, consisting of Padres and Chargers fans, ranked 10th out of 44 cities, averaging 5.05 mistakes per 100 words.

Los Angeles came in 13th with a 5.39-mistake average. You may or may not recall that the Dodgers fanbase came in at 15th in Grammarly's MLB rankings with 6.8 mistakes per 100 words. You can find the rest of Grammarly's Pro Sports 2015 Power Rankings in the following infographic, and check out Grammarly here.

Sports Fan Cities Grammar Ranking Infographic