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Padres introduce the rest of their new uniforms at Social Summit

About 50 or 60 Padres fans applied and were invited to attend an #SDSocialSummit that practically all of us surmised would include a reveal of the new uniforms.  I teased a few fans who were actually surprised that I envied their childlike sense of wonderment.  I mean seriously this was telegraphed from the moment the event was announced right?

Anyway we all showed up at Social Tap near the ballpark and went outside to talk and toast to our fandom.  Mark Grant and Jesse Agler both playfully fielded a few questions, before they suddenly made a diving stop and invited us all to leave the establishment and enter the Park at the Park for the main event, the uniform reveal.

This is what happened, Mark Grant first introduced Wil Myers who was wearing a new Blue and Yellow uniform.  Then out came James Shields wearing a brown and Padres yellow (gold) uniform.  The crowd went wild.  My pants became uncomfortable and seemingly restrictive.

Here just watch this:

Everyone then walked back to Social Tap to discuss the changes only to find that their drinks had been cleared from the tables.  Whatevs.  I was talking in a circle with Chief Marketing Officer Wayne Partello and he told me that the MLB had suggested mixing old and new with the blue and yellow ASG color scheme. Wonko reminded me that last year I had pleaded with Wayne not to "eff it up" and asked me if I thought he/they did.  I answered quickly, that no they had not.  Wayne was surprised because he thinks of me as a Negative Nancy. But I believe it was without a doubt an overall improvement and a move in a positive direction.

I told Jonny Dub later at Lolita's as I ate a carne asada burrito (I think better with a burrito in my mouth) that it all hinged on the alternate brown uniform.  If not for that uniform that reintroduced brown and gold officially back into the fold I'd have looked on this as another failure because they would have missed a golden (and brown) opportunity.

I understand that last year the team wore throwback brown uniforms for something like six Wednesday games and while this uniform may only be worn for 13 Friday games it doesn't matter because brown and gold are now officially Padres colors again.  We, who favor the team's original colors have a foothold now and traction has been made.  With any luck when the All-Star uniform is retired next year a brown home uni will be there to replace it.

I'm amazed that Padres President Mike Dee actually admits that this is a possibility.  That's crazy right? I mean, I never like anything he has to say.

I still don't like either of the bland away uniforms but they can be changed later, that's a fight for another day.  I also think it's fair to share some love with the Navy, no complaint from me.  Knowing that the All-Star combo of blue and yellow is only here for a year makes me pretty indifferent.  It's the brown and gold that matter most to me, they look so good.

We were really tempted to walk out with these uniforms on, but we decided it'd be wrong even though it'd feel so right.

All in all it was a good time.