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Padres unveil Navy "Blueberry" camouflage uniforms

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The Padres were aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt to introduce their new Navy "Blueberry" camouflage uniforms.  They broadcasted the 10 minute event on Periscope allowing some 1.1 thousand fans to watch online.  The suspense for the event was palatable and made us fantasize what may happen.

It didn't turn out quite like that, but I still held out for a catapult launch.

Manager Andy Green, OF Will Myers and P James Shields modeled the new uniforms.

Padres President Mike Dee said that the team would still wear Marine Corps Desert MARPAT camouflage on select days in 2016.

Not everyone was happy with the quality, the message or the brevity of the event.

Whether you love them or hate them, don't expect them to last too long, since the Navy may reduce or remove the uniforms in the near future.

Navy to downsize NWU, shake-up fleet uniforms

They have also acknowledged, for the first time, that they're weighing whether to ditch the beleaguered cammies entirely in coming years.

Even Naval leadership doesn't like them.

Navy Secretary Slams 'Blueberry' Camouflage - US News

"The Navy 'blueberries' – I don't know what the name is, that's what sailors call them – the great camouflage it gives is if you fall overboard," said Navy Secretary Ray Mabus