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Padres schedule press conference about new uniforms for 1 p.m. aboard U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

All that "sea blue", "sunshine yellow" and Navy camouflage is about to become official.  The uniforms that we've been hearing about for the last week will be introduced to the press and public at 1:00 pm PST this afternoon.  Our very own SD Hat Guy was the fan who first discovered the new Padres cap being sold early at Lids, mistakenly, and broke the news to the internet.  Chris Creamer of has been providing most of the leaked information since then about the uniforms, so it's fitting that he tells us the news about the Press Conference too.

Chief Marketing Officer for the Padres, Wayne Partello, told a fan on Twitter that the Press Conference will take place aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt in the San Diego Harbor.  As the self proclaimed Team of the Military, the Padres pride themselves on their connection to the armed forces.  They were the first team to wear G.I. Joe style camouflage uniforms and now they'll be the first to wear the Navy pattern "Blueberry" style during Sunday home games.

Fans can watch it all on Periscope, which also fits the nautical theme.

Padres pitcher Casey Kelly is excited.

casey kelly can't wait