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Garth Brooks wears Padres jersey at San Diego concerts

Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Garth Brooks famously played for the Padres during Spring Training of 1998 and 1999.  If I remember correctly he collected one hit during his time with the team.  He quit the Padres after the 1999 Spring reasoning that he might be keeping another young player from reaching his dreams.

Garth Brooks pulls plug on baseball career |

"The closer it got to the season starting, I think, this is the type of guy Garth is, he saw this as maybe potentially costing a young prospect or player a spot on a roster and he didn't want that to happen," he said.

He didn't care so much about the young players on the Mets though.  The next year he played with the Mets during the Spring and then later for the Royals before retiring for good. Some say he returned to semi-pro ball under the name Chris Gains but those are only unsubstantiated rumors.

I tell you this all as a prelude to this weekend's concerts where Garth Brooks played a few shows at San Diego's Sports Arena.

Prior to the concert Padres VP Sue Botos gave Brooks a camouflage jersey that read Mr. Yearwood, his wife's last name.  Girl Power! I'm unclear about the significance behind the number 77 on the back, maybe someone can fill me in.

Anyway Brooks wore the jersey during his performance, which was cool.

Later he and James Shields put on some type of clinic at SDSU.

If I knew any Garth Brooks' songs, this is the spot I'd make a corny reference to one of his songs as it relates to baseball.