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Golfing at Petco Park has become popular

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Opposing ballplayers have been teeing off at Petco Park for years but now the Padres are getting in on the fun.  The organization has started their driving range / golf thing at Petco Park.  It's been extended to 5 days, instead of 3 due to its overwhelming popularity. They have 1,500 golfers participating at a cost of $50 a head.  If my math is correct that's a cool $75,000 in their wallets that will come in real handy when it's time to revamp this team with free agents next season.

Calloway is the sponsor they're working with and of course Padres President Mike Dee is involved.  Doesn't it seem like he's involved with everything?  I know, right?

Your new favorite golf course is ... Petco Park? |

"I have come out secretly and hit golf balls at places where I've worked [Fenway Park and Sun Life Stadium in Miami]," Dee said. "When we were talking to Callaway about a new partnership, a lot of the conversation was based on activation; it shouldn't just be around a sign, our brand or their brand. "And kudos to [Callaway CEO] Chip Brewer, who got it [idea] right away."

I'm not a golfer so I can't tell if this would be fun or not.  I mean I've been to driving ranges and such, but I think I'd be too worried about breaking the new video board or hurting someone to really enjoy myself.  I could also see there being so many rules that I'd be stressed out from being yelled at so much.

Yesterday the Padres had media and some V.I.P.'s out to the ballpark.  I saw a picture of Tony Gwynn Jr. taking a few shots and I saw some newsy people out there too.  Today it looks like Calloway has brought their professionals in as ringers.

Since they don't really focus on Paige's swing much in that shot, here's a better angle.

If you're out there, let us know what you think of the whole experience.  This will become a yearly event so we have to plan for the future.