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Padres Yonder Alonso off the DL, on the trade block

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres are busy doing little odds and ends around the offseason office.  Today they reactivated Yonder Alonso who has been on the disabled list forever.  Honestly I can't even remember how he was injured.  Was it his wrist or was that last year?  It wasn't from getting beaned by Justin Upton's helmet was it?  Oh that's right it was a back injury from a clumsy slide into home plate.

In any case he's now off the 60 day DL but on the trade block.  Dennis Lin from the Union-Tribune tells us not to grow too attached to him because his name will likely be mentioned in trade talks all winter long.

Also announced today is that Cody Decker was sent to AAA.  He is still playing in case anyone was wondering.

Good wrap up everybody. High fives all around!