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Padres decline option on Cory Luebke

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

I've only been able to check Padres news sporadically in the last few days.  I saw this morning on Twitter that the Padres declined Cory Luebke's $7.5 million option, instead opting to buy him out with a $1.75 payoff.  Luebke's last major league start was April 27th, 2012, which was ages ago.  Since then he's had two Tommy John surgeries.  The Padres and their fans have kept hoping that he'd make a comeback and return to form, but with each passing year it looks less and less likely.

Padres decline 2016 option on Cory Luebke |

"I think we knew the option just wasn’t going to happen," Luebke said by phone Wednesday. "We’ve already discussed it a little bit. I’d like to stay in San Diego, and I think there’s some mutual interest there. I just have to show them the next few months I’m healthy."

Luebke, for his part liked pitching and rehabbing in the Padres organization, so he's hoping that he can prove himself again and sign a minor league contract with the team.  Preller told the Union-Tribune the team is looking for more left-handed pitchers and they'd compare him to their other options.  That doesn't sound promising for Luebke, but he says that he was happy to end the season on a high note with his continuing rehab in Arizona.

I wonder who picks up the costs of his medical procedures and rehab once he becomes a free agent.  Does that all fall on him?  If he gets picked up by another club do they have to take on those expenses?  I'm not sure how all that works.