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Gardenhire and Wallach offered bench coach job

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Young charismatic and inexperienced managers are all the rage, so old crusty ex-managers are being offered lesser positions.  In this case if Ron Gardenhire wants to get back in the game he'll have to swallow his pride and take a position as a bench coach to relative unknown Andy Green.  The Union-Tribune says that's unlikely to happen.

Padres offered bench-coach job to Ron Gardenhire |

According to multiple sources, the Padres offered the bench coach job to Ron Gardenhire, the runner-up to Green. One source said the club made the same offer to Los Angeles Dodgers bench coach Tim Wallach, who also interviewed for the Padres’ managerial opening. Gardenhire, 58, would seem unlikely to accept such an offer.

However Gardenhire has quite a lot of praise for the Padres GM and is so complimentary towards the organization in his interview with MLB radio that I'm thinking he might take the position if it's formally offered.

I mean you don't say this stuff about a guy unless you want a job offer, right?

I'm not saying that stuff about a guy that passed me over for a job.