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New Padres uniforms to be unveiled on Tuesday

The Padres have moved their uniform unveiling up one week.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch has more information about the new Padres uniforms.  We've been following this important news since the redesigned Padres' cap was mistakenly released early to stores and the descriptions of the uniforms leaked on

This morning we learn from Uni Watch that the uniforms are going to be revealed to the public on Tuesday 12/1 rather than 12/7 which was originally reported by Sportslogos.  Also Padres President Mike Dee says there's yet another jersey being released to commemorate the All-Star game.  No word about any Bud Selig patches on the sleeves.

Monday Morning Uni Watch | Uni Watch

I’ve seen the designs and can confirm that everything he reported is mostly accurate, although his description of "bowtie" wordmarks is a mischaracterization, and he’s leaving out a navy road alternate jersey that will also be part of the set. In addition, a team source tells me that "CEO Mike Dee recently revealed at an staff meeting that our new uniforms for the 2016 season will include a specific ‘All-Star jersey,’ instead of just the patch that host teams historically wear." That’s news to me, and I’ve been unable to confirm it.

So if you're just catching up on this news, here's what you need to know in bullet point form:

  • The Padres will re-introduce a brown and gold alternate uniform to their set that will supposedly be worn only during Friday home games.
  • The team will switch to the Navy's blue camouflage for Sunday home games.
  • The new home jersey and cap will introduce new colors to the team's palette.  The colors "sea blue" and "sunshine yellow".  The jersey will have an SD logo on the chest and the hat will have yellow D and squatcho.
  • The blue away jerseys will remain the same except for an All-Star patch on the sleeve.