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New developments in Padres uniform leak

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a few developments since yesterday's news about the new Padres uniforms.  The hat that our very own SD Hat Guy purchased from Lids is undoubtedly real.  It's the blue cap, with "sunshine yellow" squatcho and "D".  He removed all of his pictures from his Twitter timeline and left this tweet in their place.

Our friend Jonny Dub talked to another employee at Lids yesterday about the cap and he was told that they are no longer being sold.  The guy told him that New Era screwed up and sent the shipment of Padres caps out early and they were mistakenly being sold.  Lids has now put their stock into storage where they'll stay until December 8th, the day after the big Padres uniform reveal, which is supposedly to take place on December 7th.

Chris Creamer also updated his revealing blog post about the new uniforms.  He says that the Padres will have a new "bow tie" wordmark on both the brown alternate uniform and the blue Navy style camo jersey.  As suggested in yesterday's comments they'll likely mimic the All-Star Game logo.font, like so PaDreS.

Also the home jersey will have an SD logo on the chest rather than San Diego being spelt out.

Prior to tonight's changes the uniforms would have looked something like this mock-up from the SportsLogos forum or  this:

These two, while not perfect, at least give a graphical representation for us to critique.