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Padres getting new blue and yellow uniforms, brown will be official alternate

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Well it's almost official.  The Padres will be wearing "sea blue" and "sunshine yellow" as part of their home uniform next season, just as everyone expected after the team released their 2016 All-Star Game logo earlier in the summer.  It's not my cup of tea, but some of you really like it, which I can reluctantly appreciate.

Chis Creamer, over at, has an inside source with buttloads of information.  Among that info he confirms that SD Hat Guy's cap is in fact real.

He tells us that the home white jersey will have a sea blue and sunshine yellow wordmark across the chest in the Padres favored "bowtie" style.  On the road they'll continue to wear the blue and white uniforms with no yellow at all except for the All-Star patch.

The new alternate home uniform will be glorious brown and gold (not sunshine yellow).  I take some comfort in that.  Supposedly they'll wear it for every Friday home game.  The uniform will consist of a brown jersey with gold Padres wordmark on the chest.  The cap will also be brown.

This year the camouflage jersey will mimic the Navy digital camouflage, meaning it will be blue instead of the desert Marine pattern.  These jerseys will have the new Padres word mark.

Also Creamer tells us that the Swinging Friar has been removed again, which bums me out.

The official announcement is supposed to happen December 7th.

I have to say this uniform collection sounds like a bit of a mess.  It's like they are trying to appease every fan instead of having a clear vision.  Still I'll take the even slight move toward brown and gold.  Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to count up how many Padres home games they'll be playing on Fridays.