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Padres rumors involving Manuel Margot and Japanese Free Agent Nabuhiro Matsuda

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Rosenthal was tweeting some Padres trade rumors this morning, while you and I weren't paying attention.  The first rumor came from Padres fan @bigyettisd who appears to have blocked us on Twitter.  I can respect that.  But the news is that GM A.J. Preller and Scouting Director Logan White met with Japanese free agent third baseman Nabuhiro Matsuda, although they didn't talk contract specifics.

Rosenthal says that he's got some skills that the Padres definitely need.  He's got your leadership, your defense and some offensive power that may not work in the MLB.

As usual Preller is talking multiple prospective deals all at once.  In this deal, he'd flip newly acquired Manuel Margot.  The Padres acquired Margot in the swap of Craig Kimbrel to the Red Sox.  He was the prospect with the most upside.  As we were told by  Over the Monster's resident prospect guy Marc Normandin "Margot is the best bet to hit his ceiling."

But if you're worried that Preller would be making a huge mistake well, the odds of a trade involving Margot happening aren't good, but Preller will listen to any offer.

All news is good news for the Padres.