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Padres Promo Schedule Idea: Miniature James Shields passive aggressive clubhouse sign

I've been thinking a lot about the Padres promotional schedule, knowing that some fans were a bit underwhelmed by it the last few seasons, I thought I'd help.  I tried to think about what I'd personally like to see given out to fans in the future and then how I would force that opinion onto you.  Thus begins my series of offseason posts.  BTW, you can get in on the fun and write up any promo schedule ideas that you have in a FanPost and I'll put that sucker right here on the front page.

Today I submit for your approval the miniature James Shields passive aggressive clubhouse sign.  There was a point early last season where the Padres thought they had the roster to win and perhaps it was just that the guys weren't focused or playing hard enough.  It was only later that we found out that they all suck and there was nothing that could be done.  But during the time of our naivete there was still some lingering hope and Shields made a big yellow statement in the clubhouse.  Here's what it looked like:

Shields wouldn't say who the message was directed at, which is a true sign of leadership.

If you were alive in the 80's then you'll remember the fad of the Baby on Board signs.

First marketed in September 1984 by Safety 1st Corporation, the sign became a ubiquitous fad, flourishing in 1985. Its use in the US rapidly declined in 1986

Do you see where this is all going?  I want a miniature James Shields accountability sign that I can suction cup to the back of my car window.  I want to both support the Padres and James Shields as well as gently mock him.  I'm pretty sure you would too.  How fun would that be?  Super fun!