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Bud Black being passed over for Dusty Baker, because Nats are cheap

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All the reports from last week were in agreement that former Padres manager Bud Black had landed the Washington Nationals job.  Tonight Jon Heyman reports that the Nationals wanted Dusty Baker all along (suuuure) and just like that, Black is out.

I've heard about things like this happening where someone receives an offer and then they start asking for extra vacation, premiere parking, longer smoke breaks, etc. and talk themselves right out of a job.  Of course this probably didn't happen, but we also don't know that it didn't happen.

Maybe this is why pitching coach Darren Balsley signed with the Padres so fast and bailed on his buddy Black.  Or maybe the Nats thought the were getting a package deal with Black and Balsley.  All of this is just wild speculation on my part, bu the fact remains that it's Baker instead of Black.

In twist, Nats turn to Dusty Baker, who may get managing job now -

The Nats were said to have been in talks with Black, but word is, nothing had ever been settled, despite the reports. The team had keen interest in Baker from the start.

Black could still maybe, possibly end up with the Dodgers.  You just never can tell.


As it turns out the Nationals low-balled Bud Black.  He played hard ball and refused to take it.  Good for him!   According to sources close to Black, he was initially offered 1 year for $1.6 million, which is a weak offer by any standard.

Nationals, Dusty Baker in talks after Bud Black deal hits snag

The Nationals, according to a person with knowledge of the talks, offered Black a two-year deal for less than $2 million, and he never budged. Black informed the Nationals’ ownership several days ago that he couldn’t accept a deal, which is considerably lower than he anticipated.