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SB Nation MLB Awards 2015: Padres bat flip / celebration of the year

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Today's SB Nation award we're voting on is the best Padres bat flip / celebration of the year.  All the games have run together in my mind so I'm scouring Padres videos to find some worthy candidates and boy did I find some videos about the Padres.  Not many of them of them are about celebrations because honestly there wasn't much to celebrate this year and our guys don't do much bat flipping.

Vote for your favorite in the poll at the end!

Gyorko's birthday celebration

Jedd Gyorko had 4 hits on his birthday including a walkoff.  This pretty much has to win, right?   There's no celebration like a birthday celebration.  Celebrate good times!  C'mon! Look let's just agree to vote for this one and move on.

Kemp and Alonso go back-to-back

I like when Kemp celebrates, it's just fun to watch.  See how he goes for the low fives, then he dances and then he moves into the high fives?  That's cool.

Solarte hits clutch homerun

Look at the excitement on Solarte's face!  Then look at the golf claps in the dugout, this is some kind of celebration people!

Upton tosses bat aside after homerun

You know how I found this bat flip?  I searched for Justin Upton homerun and sure enough he confidently tosses his bat aside after he homered here.  This is probably as close as we get to a bat flip.

Venable gets patted on the butt after he scores on a sac fly

I'm really reaching now.  I feel like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for team celebrations.  See how the guys in the dugout high five five and pat Venable on the butt after this play that wasn't really exciting, now that's a celebration!

Kimbrel and Hedges share brief hug after 38th save

Craig Kimbrel recorded his 38th save and that was reason to celebrate.  What better way to celebrate then to give your teammate a light hug.

I hope I didn't miss any obvious celebrations.  Vote!