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SB Nation MLB Awards 2015: Padres defensive play of the year

The week of voting continues with our first team-specific award.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Hey did you guys hear that SB Nation is doing their annual awards?  Have you been voting?  Good, good.

Today we vote for the best Padres defensive play of the year.  There are lots of good choices because when your team is loaded with poor defenders they make every play look that much more difficult and sometimes spectacular.  Sometimes too, friends, it's all about the showmanship.  When I used to play on The Fighting Catfish adult baseball league, I'd patrol centerfield with my cap really loose so whenever I'd chase after a ball my it would go flying off and people would think I had amazing wheels, which I did.  But enough about me.

Here are your candidates for best Padres defensive play of the year as chosen by Gaslamp Ball staff and most importantly the good folks of Twitter.

Upton robs home run from McCutchen

Upton usually gets a real bad jump on the ball, but this was the good kind of jump.  I like how he catches the ball in fair territory and then puts it over the wall and pulls it back as if to show where it might have landed if he didn't snag it.  It was a good play and I remember being pretty excited about it at the time, but out of context it's not quite as impressive, but hey if this is your sort of thing then you should totally vote for it.

Hedges guns down Rollins at third

Hedges made some really solid plays behind the dish this season and I'm not even sure that this was the best one, but it's the one that was nominated so it's the one you have to vote for if you really like Austin Hedges.  See how this works?

Amarista's behind the back flip

Look, I know this is a secret ballot and all but I'm just going to tell you that I'm voting for this play. I don't want to influence your vote in any way, but I was amazed then and I'm amazed now.  I've always been a fan of the behind the back glove flip since I was a boy, it's a fetish of mine. Look how smooth it is and how pretty the fellas look in their 85 throwbacks.

Matt Kemp's throw

This play could really benefit from some sound.  I bet if you could hear Enberg and Grant losing their sh_t in your ears then this play would get a lot more votes.  Instead pretend that the crowd is so awestruck that they are stunned into silence.

Matt Kemp rolling in the grass

This play may be my actual favorite just because of the circus quality of it all.  I mean, this has to get more votes then a guy jumping up against a wall right?

Venable robs Trout

Venable lovers will tell you that this was the best defensive play of the year.  If you listen to Venable lovers then go ahead and vote for this, but do you know what that makes you?  A Venable lover too.

Matt Kemp's cycle

I know, but I can explain.