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Help us decide who were the best pitchers in MLB in 2015

Tomorrow we vote on Pitcher of the Year in SB Nation's 2015 MLB Awards. Help us choose some nominees.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

As I told you earlier, all this week we will be casting our votes in five different categories for SB Nation's 2015 MLB Awards. Today the voting for MLB Hitter of the Year is already underway, and I hope you'll cast your vote if you haven't already.

Tomorrow's category will be MLB Pitcher of the Year. And for this one we want some of your input in helping determine five nominees from which everyone can choose from tomorrow. There are probably a few obvious choices for the award. For example, Jake Arrieta springs to mind for me. Max Scherzer is also a good bet.

But we want you to be as involved as we are, so feel free to make some suggestions in the comments, preferably with a short (or long if you'd prefer) explanation as to why you think that pitcher is deserving.

Again, we've been given no criteria for these votes and while we're probably going to choose some nominees that are all-around agreed-upon choices for the category, your input will definitely be taken into account.