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Joaquin Benoit was, like, HISTORICALLY good with the Padres, you guys

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

So, as you know, Padres general manager AJ Preller dealt the eighth and ninth-inning guys away to some Arena League teams. In the aftermath of the purge, I was a smidge surprised to see HOW good Joaquin Benoit's numbers were with the Padres. I knew ol' boy held it down, but to quote Wayne Campbell, "I... I was not aware" that his ERA over two years of service was below two. Intrigued as to where that 1.96 mark put him in the books, I ran a Baseball Reference Play Index query, using 119 innings as a baseline (as he pitched 119.2 for the Friars), and he had the second-best ERA in club history among guys who pitched as many innings as he did. Joe Camel himself, Mike Adams, is the only name above him, and Adams did it in nearly twice as many innings, over nearly twice as many years.

Adams 1.66 209 217 2.40
Benoit 1.96 120 119.2 3.10

Sure, Adams has the edge across the board, especially in FIP, which serves as a watchdog for flukiness, but second place is a good place to be, especially with a fairly decent sample size under your belt.