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Padres trade rumors: Preller asking Braves about Andrelton Simmons

Does A.J. Preller want to pick up another big contract from Atlanta?

That's Simmons floating up there like a boss.
That's Simmons floating up there like a boss.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It's officially hot stove season, and that means some big names are getting bandied about. The latest one? Braves shortstop and two-time Gold Glove winner Andrelton Simmons. The 26 year old is due $53 million over the next five seasons, and with Atlanta still rebuilding, they seem to be looking to offload that kind of contract, affordable as it may be.

Hm. If only there was a team in the NL West that was happy to take on large contracts. You know, the kind of team that would pick up a one year rental on a power hitter, an expensive closer, and the albatross that came with him? That sounds wonderful, but don't get your hopes up to fast. Right now A.J. Preller is just doing his due diligence right now.

Simmons has a mediocre bat, but it might be worth it to fill the gaping hole that has plagued shortstop at Petco Park since the departure of Khalil Greene.