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The Padres need a new Social Hour host

With Jesse Agler moving to everyday radio broadcaster, the Padres are on the hunt for their next host for Padres Social Hour.

Elsa/Getty Images

The Padres have an opening and they're looking for someone to fill it. I'm not talking about a position on the field, but one off the field.

If you follow the Padres pretty closely you probably know that Jesse Agler, former host of Padres Social Hour and occasional sub on the broadcast booth, will join the radio team on a more permanent basis in the 2016 season. He will take Bob Scanlan's job as everyday partner and (assumably) color guy to Ted Leitner's play-by-play.

But Agler's promotion means more than just the loss of our Padres SH host. He did a lot more than that, and whoever the Padres hire next to take over  will have big shoes to fill, (hopefully while wearing colorful socks).

But someone, somewhere out there has what it takes. Maybe it's one of you Gaslamp Ballers! Here is the job description, according to the online application, which you can find here:


  • Host daily multimedia sports talk show simulcast on regional television network
  • Create and deliver a daily, entertaining and sports information program with a focus on Padres baseball
  • Be able to discuss every Padres game of the season in detail
  • Discuss various topics over the telephone with local/national baseball writers
  • Attend press conferences/events to gather information to use for show
  • Prepare and conduct research for daily show
  • Coordinate games, contests or other on-air promotions and awarding prizes in a quick manner
  • Represent the San Diego Padres in a pleasant, enthusiastic, and professional manner, acting as an ambassador on the Club’s behalf

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Minimum two years experience as an on-air sports/talk radio show host and/or hosting publically   distributed online show (i.e. podcast)
  • Must demonstrate strong baseball knowledge of current Padres and Padres history/former players
  • Must demonstrate knowledge of current events/pop culture.
  • Must demonstrate social media proficiency
  • Must have strong listener/viewer interaction
  • Submit personal social media accounts
  • Spanish bilingual a plus
  • Submit headshot along with five-minute unedited talk show experience demo tape/reel
  • Desire to work exclusively as a Padres host in time with the Padres
  • Ability to work nights, weekends and holidays
I personally think Scan would fill in nicely, as I've dearly missed his work on the Padres postgame show back in the Ch 4 SD days. I've always thought he was much better on TV than on the radio, where his glorious hair is hidden from our sight.

Another option would be one of the other former Padres Social Hour hosts. There was a great group of San Diego media personalities who would rotate as substitute hosts for Agler: Annie Heilbrun, Ben Higgins, and Mike Grace to name a few.

Or it could be someone completely new. My nomination goes to Dex. I mean, he's a Padres fan. He has experience on TV from his appearances on Fox Sports SD for Bloggers Take Over the past couple of years - and that included some great rapport with Jesse Agler himself. Not to mention his old vlogs. I mean, wouldn't you love to see and hear this guy talk about Padres baseball like this on the reg?

So many amazing different ways the Padres could go in finding their new Social Hour host. There's no way they could mess this up, right?

(JK, let's be real, they're prob just gonna bring in some other new guy from Miami.)