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Padres retain pitching coach Darren Balsley

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I thought for sure that pitching coach Darren Balsley would take a job with his buddy, Buddy Black and the Washington Nationals since they have a far better chance of winning a World Series than the Padres ever will.  Yet somehow the Padres were able to convince him to stay.  MLB's Corey Brock has a source that says so:

Balsley is one of those guys that receives accolades from media and players, who frequently call him the best in the business.  That very well may be true, but it's really tough to tell how effective any coach is as a fan, so I guess we just have to take their word for it.  I was sort of hoping for a an overall revamp but I guess if there's one coach they should keep Balsley is the best of them.

Two negatives that pop into mind as I write this.  First, this past season's pitching staff pretty much beefed it when they were supposed to be the team's strength.  Second, I'm watching Edinson Volquez dominate in the World Series and for years Black and Balsley couldn't get him to reach his potential. What gives Balsley?!