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Quiz: The 18 managers in Padres history

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

I originally made this quiz two years, three months, one week, three hours, and thirty-one minutes ago, but that was back when there had only been 16 managers in Padres history. With the search on for the team's nineteenth skipper, now seemed like a relevant time to update and rehash it. As I said back then:

I'm sure you know how this works by now. You only need their last names and you don't get penalized for wrong answers. Since this quiz only has 16 18 answers, I set the timer at four minutes. As clues, both the years they served as manager and their win-loss records are provided. Included in the 16 18 is one man* who served as interim manager for one game in 1977, after-- whoa, that was another close one. We should probably get right to the quiz before I really do let an answer slip.

*Since then, that guy has been joined by another one-gamer.

As always, log your score in the poll provided below, and remember to use the spoiler bar feature in the comments, where needed.